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You can view 1UP SEO partners Sean May and Steve DeFalco’s Linkedin Profiles where you can see more Recommendations from other Business Owners. Feel free to add one or both of us as a contact. Don’t be fooled by people that just write their own reviews and recommendations. Ours are verifiable. Here’s just some of what people are saying about us:
Reliable and focused on getting results, Steve DeFalco and 1UP Media Solutions excel in every area of SEO and explain it in a way that is clear and understandable. Steve is great at learning what his clients needs are and then creating and executing a plan and gets results every time. Thanks Steve!
Mitch Barney

If your looking to get results from your online marketing Steve is one of a hand full of people who are truly capable of delivering results. It seems like everyone and their uncle is out there selling SEO services that get no results. Steve is the real deal. He delivers results. Period. If you finally want to see results from your online marketing, 1UP Media Solutions LLC is the company to work with.
Robbie Vaughan

I would easily recommend Sean at 1UP Media Solutions LLC if you are looking to build more exposure for your business or are looking for new high-quality leads for your business. He is results-driven and doesn’t quit until clients achieve a positive ROI!
Jaeson Wilkins

Sean is a results-driven marketer and really cares about his clients. If you need someone to get your marketing going, contact Sean.
Marcus Harris

I’ve worked alongside Steve for quite some time now and in that time I’ve come to know that he not only excels at the core elements of search engine marketing, like getting his clients to the top of Google, but his skills go well beyond that including solid web design principles and testing that get more conversions! I can’t recommend Steve and 1UP Media Solutions enough.
Jeff N Woodard

Sean’s motto for all of his clients is that their marketing dollars should be returning more than they put in. He lives by this motto and works diligently to make sure they are always receiving a positive ROI. If you are looking to ramp up your marketing strategies, I highly recommend working with Sean at 1UP Media Solutions.

Gedas Morkunas

I highly recommend Steve at 1UP Media Solutions. Steve has helped me dominate for every search term I’ve wanted to go for. He is very passionate and dedicated to his craft. His work led to a big increase in free traffic to our website. I recommend him to anyone that wants that wants to increase their business, you won’t be disappointed!

Anthony Merino

Sean is an excellent choice if you are interested in increasing your companies’ online visibility. He is a top-notch SEO expert with many page 1 rankings on Google and the other search engines. I highly recommend working with Sean if you want your business to be found by your customers online.

Kevin Statom

Sean gets my highest possible recommendation! Want your phone to ring with hungry buyers? Give Sean a call! You’ll be glad you did!

Forrest Garcia

It’s been nice to work with someone as good at Lead Generation as Sean He has a way to make everything simple and he does a good job at everything he does.

David Carn

Steve is a person I turn to for advice regularly when I have questions about our online marketing. He has an impressive background and an ability to deliver what he says and I fully recommend him as a someone you can trust with the well-being of your business.

Austin McClain

Sean at 1UP SEO is very professional and has great attention to detail. I highly recommend working with him if you want more exposure for your business.

Heather Dunlop

If you need more exposure for your business and let’s be honest, who doesn’t, I recommend Sean without any hesitation. I can guarantee you will not regret working with 1UP SEO.

Jabir Mohamed

Sean is a master at his craft. It is always refreshing to see when someone specializes in one service and can deliver the best results for his clients. Sean has done exactly that with SEO.

Henry Lee

He was fantastic to work with. Steve DeFalco is one of the best among all people I have ever worked with. Steve DeFalco is a dedicated, self-motivated and eager consultant. An insightful, energetic and reliable professional who can be trusted. Always maintains very good relationship with his clients.

Jesse Baca

The online world is always changing, so you need to work with somebody who is always up to date on what is working and gets results. Sean at 1UP Media Solutions LLC stays on the leading edge and has a ton of knowledge on SEO, Social Media Marketing, and Lead Generation. Highly recommended!
Richard Gillman

Don’t get left out without a proper SEO marketing strategy. Sean and his team at 1UP SEO, have the juice and breadth of knowledge to not only rank your business at the top of major search engines but also grow the visibility & authority of your brand online.
Jeffery Ito

Steve is one of the best SEO professionals you will find. Whatever your digital project is, I highly recommend Steve DeFalco as the person to speak to first. There is no going wrong with choosing Steve for your project or campaign.
Paul Shlasinger

Steve knows what needs to be done to drive high-quality traffic to your website. His extensive experience of SEO and Social Media marketing means that this traffic will be profitable by increasing your company’s revenue.
Mark Wilson

Steve is a great resource for any business owner looking to increase online awareness to their business. He is great at driving traffic to products and services and has the ability to place you in front of the people who are looking for your product. Highly recommended!
Grace Walker

Sean is an expert at getting businesses more exposure online. If you are looking to increase your rankings for your website, I highly recommend contacting him and the guys at 1UP SEO.

Kevin Daniels

Having personally worked with Steve, I can say that if you’re really serious about stepping up your online presence using SEO, there’s no one better I can recommend. Steve knows how to transform businesses using online marketing, and his strategies propelled our business directly to the top of Google and locked it in there. I highly recommend working with Steve and 1UP Media Solutions if you’re looking to increase your leads and profit in your business. It was great working with 1UP Media Solutions and Steve, and you’d be thankful you did too.

Adam Leech

Sean shows week in and week out that he cares about his clients. It is a great pleasure to see someone so passionate about their work and keeping a high level of quality. I confidently recommend Sean and his team for any of your marketing needs.

Andres Ponciano

When it comes to video marketing, SEO, social media marketing, or email marketing, the thing that separates Steve and 1UP Media Solutions LLC from other digital agencies is their ability to get results in a very systematic way. He has great attention to detail and is genuinely interested in the success of his clients. If you are looking to increase your online visibility, then I highly recommend working with Steve and the 1UP Media crew.

Klaus Nyman

Steve has the ability to deliver quality results time and time again. He has helped countless businesses drive traffic online which has resulted in the growth of those businesses. I highly recommend Steve’s services to anyone.

Christopher Cash

Sean is extremely passionate about helping businesses grow. He keeps up to date with the latest changes when it comes to ranking in Google and the other search engines and can help your business get the exposure it deserves. Highly recommended!

Danny Garcia

It’s rare that you come across talent like Steve DeFalco. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing him for several months now, during which he has provided me with valuable insight about SEO campaigns. Above all, I was impressed with his ability to get websites to page 1 in Google which equals to a 10x increase in business. Steve would be a true asset for any one requiring search engine optimization and digital marketing in general. This comes with my heartfelt recommendation.

Lonnald Chhay

If you are looking to utilize SEO for your business, look no further than 1UP Media Solutions LLC. Steve is a search engine optimization expert that uses the most up-to-date and safe techniques to rank your business and get the most exposure in the Google search results. His approach will not only help your site rank and get more traffic but will convert that traffic to customers.”

Amy Cooper